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Original Title: Cedar Cove

Genres: Drama, Romance

Awards: 1 nomination.

Channel: Hallmark Channel



Cast: Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Brennan Elliott, Timothy Webber, Bruce Boxleitner, Katharine Isabelle

Country: US

Release Date: 2013-07-20

Language: en

Runtime: 43


Judge from a little town of TV show “Cedar Cove” season 1 Olivia Lockhart is constantly in the whirlpool of events and feelings. Her adult daughter seems to be unlucky in her personal life – Justin is afraid of open her heart in order to meet a great love. She is replacing this feeling with merely comfortable relations. Public opinion of small town is worried with an ambiguous decision taken by the judge. Olivia, while remembering her own appalling bitter divorce, during the process makes the young married couple Jan and Cecilia, (who decided to divorce after their new-born daughter’s death) think once more before parting forever. The judge tries to support her friend Grace as well. Grace’s husband behaved in such an incomprehensible way that his act took aback all the relatives and friends. Mother of Olivia, not withstanding her worthy age, a very energetic lady, got involved into a decent though an illegal case. In addition, Olivia herself is ready to fall in love again and everything has started so well… However her man seems to hold back something and Olivia can not stand half-utterances.

Cedar Cove season 1 download full tv show episodes

Episode 1

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Episode 2

(.mp4, 336.5 MB) |

Episode 3

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Episode 4

(.mp4, 358.2 MB) |

Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 12

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Episode 13

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Episode Guide

Episode1 (S01E01):


air date: 2013-07-20

Episode2 (S01E02):

A House Divided

air date: 2013-07-27

Episode3 (S01E03):


air date: 2013-08-03

Episode4 (S01E04):

Suspicious Minds

air date: 2013-08-10

Episode5 (S01E05):

For the Sake of the Children

air date: 2013-08-17

Episode6 (S01E06):

Free Spirits

air date: 2013-08-24

Episode7 (S01E07):

Help Wanted

air date: 2013-08-31

Episode8 (S01E08):

And The Winner Is…

air date: 2013-09-07

Episode9 (S01E09):

Old Flames, New Sparks

air date: 2013-09-14

Episode10 (S01E010):

Conflicts of Interest

air date: 2013-09-21

Episode11 (S01E011):


air date: 2013-09-28

Episode12 (S01E012):

A New Life

air date: 2013-10-05

Episode13 (S01E013):


air date: 2013-10-12

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