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Original Title: Breaking Bad

Genres: Drama

Awards: Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 133 wins & 218 nominations.

Channel: AMC

Creators: Vince Gilligan, George Mastras

Directors: Adam Bernstein, Michelle MacLaren

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Jeremiah Bitsui, Larry 'Tank' Jones

Country: US

Release Date: 2011-07-17

Language: en

Runtime: 4547 min


In the new season 4 of the popular American TV series “Breaking Bad” ex-teacher of chemistry Walter White with Jessy’s assistance continue making methamphetamine. Walter’s wife Skylar is already informed about “extra earnings” of her spouse. She advises to legalize the drug money by means of car wash. However, Walter does take her advice into account and buys a car for his son. Meantime police tries to find out who killed drugdealer’s assistant Goos Fring. In Gale’s apartment agents find a diary with information concerning methods of methamphetamine production. It is Walter’s recipe. In “Breaking Bad” season 4 the full-scale war bursts out between the people of Goose and Mexican narcocartel. People perish one after another and drug dealer can become the next perished. In order to prevent meeting of two opponents and truce, Walter takes a risk of a collaborative venture. He planned to kill Gus by means of Jesse’s assistance. Police represented by Walter’s brother-in-law Hank conducts investigation of Gus’s past trying to link him with Gale’s murder, but fails in finding solid unambiguous evidences. What does terminating contract with Fring result in for Walter? How will Jessy act in this difficult situation? Answers for these questions you will find in crime TV drama “Breaking Bad”.

Breaking Bad season 4 download full tv show episodes

Episode 1

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Episode 2

another – (466.5 MB) |

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

another – (451.3 MB) |

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Episode 5

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(.mkv, 524.3 MB) |

Episode 6

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(.mkv, 491.4 MB) |

Episode 7

another – (604.9 MB) |

(.avi, 350.3 MB) |

(.mkv, 523.6 MB) |

Episode 8

another – (456.1 MB) |

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(.mkv, 509.0 MB) |

Episode 9

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

another – (598.8 MB) |

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(.mkv, 556.3 MB) |

Episode 12

another – (481.8 MB) |

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(.mkv, 519.1 MB) |

Episode 13

another – (590.8 MB) |

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Episode 14

another – (618.8 MB) |

Episode 15

another – (514.8 MB) |

Episode 16

another – (497.7 MB) |

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Episode Guide

Episode1 (S04E01):

Box Cutter

air date: 2011-07-17

Episode2 (S04E02):

Thirty-Eight Snub

air date: 2011-07-24

Episode3 (S04E03):

Open House

air date: 2011-07-31

Episode4 (S04E04):

Bullet Points

air date: 2011-08-07

Episode5 (S04E05):


air date: 2011-08-14

Episode6 (S04E06):


air date: 2011-08-21

Episode7 (S04E07):

Problem Dog

air date: 2011-08-28

Episode8 (S04E08):


air date: 2011-09-04

Episode9 (S04E09):


air date: 2011-09-11

Episode10 (S04E010):


air date: 2011-09-18

Episode11 (S04E011):

Crawl Space

air date: 2011-09-25

Episode12 (S04E012):

End Times

air date: 2011-10-02

Episode13 (S04E013):

Face Off

air date: 2011-10-09

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