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Original Title: Black Sails

Genres: Adventure, Drama

Awards: Won 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 2 wins & 17 nominations.

Channel: Starz

Creators: Steve Boyum

Directors: Robert Levine

Cast: Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Tom Hopper, Zach McGowan, Meganne Young

Country: US

Release Date: 2015-01-24

Language: en

Runtime: 60


In season 2 of the “Black Sails” soldiers of Spanish empire keep guarding their country’s galleon from Flint and the grredy crew of him, (who in their turn has already made a plan of getting into the anticipated ship). Eleanor desperately needs help in disposition Vane, but the price seems to be too high. Flint has to help daughter of British minister to get New Providence’s absolute independence, Ms.Guthrie is to solve the problem of pirates’ nest instead of that. The pirate series will show who will win in this war.

Black Sails season 2 download full tv show episodes

Episode 1

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.5 MB) |

(.avi, 426.2 MB) |

Episode 2

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.5 MB) |

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1.3 GB) |

(.avi, 462.3 MB) |

Episode 3

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.6 MB) |

(.avi, 454.1 MB) |

Episode 4

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.4 MB) |

(.avi, 452.9 MB) |

Episode 5

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.7 MB) |

(.avi, 447.5 MB) |

Episode 6

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.6 MB) |

(.avi, 470.5 MB) |

Episode 7

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.6 MB) |

(.avi, 534.3 MB) |

Episode 8

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 947.8 MB) |

(.avi, 414.1 MB) |

Episode 9

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1 022.5 MB) |

(.avi, 475.4 MB) |

Episode 10

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 1.2 GB) |

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 972.9 MB) |

(.avi, 399.6 MB) |

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Episode Guide

Episode1 (S02E01):


air date: 2015-01-24

Episode2 (S02E02):


air date: 2015-01-31

Episode3 (S02E03):


air date: 2015-02-07

Episode4 (S02E04):


air date: 2015-02-14

Episode5 (S02E05):


air date: 2015-02-21

Episode6 (S02E06):


air date: 2015-02-28

Episode7 (S02E07):


air date: 2015-03-07

Episode8 (S02E08):


air date: 2015-03-14

Episode9 (S02E09):


air date: 2015-03-21

Episode10 (S02E010):


air date: 2015-03-28

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