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Original Title: American Horror Story

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Awards: Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 90 wins & 256 nominations.

Channel: FX

Creators: Bradley Buecker

Directors: Ryan Murphy

Cast: Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe, André Holland, Denis O'Hare

Country: US

Release Date: 2016-09-14

Language: en

Runtime: 50


American Horror Story season 6 is returning on the screens to bring you really sexy nightmares in 2016. Each new series of the American Horror Story unfolds its terrible story. So, at first we see the family Harman starting a new phase of life together. Ben, who is working as a psychoanalyst, cheats his wife Vivienne. When it becomes known, Ben tries to persuade his wife not to divorce. Together with the teenage daughter, they settle in Hollywood mansion crowded with ghosts. In the second season the action goes to a psychiatric hospital, which was founded by an ambitious doctor Timothy Howard. However, the real owner is his sister, Jude, managing troubled economy “with an iron hand.” Kit Worker, a serial killer whose sanity to be seen, gets to the hospital. And all this is happening on the background of obscure experiments, which holds the doctor whose normality is also under question. What would be in the season 6 we will find out only after watching it.
There are many new and interesting ideas for the upcoming series. The specifics are not yet revealed to the public. They tell that one of these ideas was already mentioned in the several previous seasons. It’s really a great background for contemplation’s. One can guess what would expect him in the 6th season.

American Horror Story season 6 download full tv show episodes

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Episode Guide

Episode1 (S06E01):

Chapter 1

air date: 2016-09-14

Episode2 (S06E02):

Chapter 2

air date: 2016-09-21

Episode3 (S06E03):

Chapter 3

air date: 2016-09-28

Episode4 (S06E04):

Chapter 4

air date: 2016-10-05

Episode5 (S06E05):

Chapter 5

air date: 2016-10-12

Episode6 (S06E06):

Chapter 6

air date: 2016-10-19

Episode7 (S06E07):

Chapter 7

air date: 2016-10-26

Episode8 (S06E08):

Chapter 8

air date: 2016-11-01

Episode9 (S06E09):

Chapter 9

air date: 2016-11-09

Episode10 (S06E010):

Chapter 10

air date: 2016-11-16

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