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8.2/ 10

198,858 votes

Original Title: American Horror Story

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Awards: Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 92 wins & 261 nominations.

Channel: FX

Creators: Michael Goi

Directors: Tim Minear, James Wong

Cast: Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto, James Cromwell, Sarah Paulson, Joseph Fiennes, Britne Oldford, Clea DuVall

Country: US

Release Date: 2012-10-17

Language: en

Runtime: 50


The season 2 of the popular nail-biting American TV serial “American Horror Story” will carry the viewers to the distant 1964 year. Talented journalist Lana Winters conducts investigation about a line of terrible murders. She wants to take an interview from the main suspected character, to analyze police work and to reveal to the others what a mental condition this person has. Kit Walker, the main suspected of these crimes, lives in the psychiatric ward where he is cared by doctors. Lana Winters and her company must make complete examination and estimate of his psychological state and presence of serious illnesses. A nun called sister Jude manages this psychiatry. She differs imperiousness and strong specific character. She is helped by a sister Mary Eunice and also Mr. Timothy Howard who once founded this hospital. Lana Winters arrives in order to communicate with Walker but she is shocked with many issues in the psychiatric clinic. The journalist thinks about other topic of article but she will not succeed in getting back to usual life as far as sister Jude intends to have a new patient called Lana. TV serial “American Horror Story” season 2 will display what this concept will result in.

American Horror Story season 2 download full tv show episodes

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Episode Guide

Episode1 (S02E01):

Welcome to Briarcliff

air date: 2012-10-17

Episode2 (S02E02):

Tricks and Treats

air date: 2012-10-24

Episode3 (S02E03):


air date: 2012-10-31

Episode4 (S02E04):

I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 1

air date: 2012-11-07

Episode5 (S02E05):

I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 2

air date: 2012-11-14

Episode6 (S02E06):

The Origins of Monstrosity

air date: 2012-11-21

Episode7 (S02E07):

Dark Cousin

air date: 2012-11-28

Episode8 (S02E08):

Unholy Night

air date: 2012-12-05

Episode9 (S02E09):

The Coat Hanger

air date: 2012-12-12

Episode10 (S02E010):

The Name Game

air date: 2013-01-02

Episode11 (S02E011):

Spilt Milk

air date: 2013-01-09

Episode12 (S02E012):


air date: 2013-01-16

Episode13 (S02E013):

Madness Ends

air date: 2013-01-23

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